Cloud services are gaining ground in all segments, but small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have a unique opportunity. Understanding and addressing what sets them apart is important for IT professionals serving SMB’s. The Upside is that if SMB’s create the right strategy and execute that strategy, they appear to the outside world as a very large enterprise in terms of IT capabilities for a fraction of the cost.

The unique cloud challenges of SMBs : Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are playing a growing role in the growth of the market for cloud services but there are some unique challenges. In many ways, SMB’s are more dynamic than the consumer and large enterprise markets. It is this uniqueness that gives rise to several challenges as well. This is why they need professional help when embarking on path to the ‘Cloud’.

Greater Cutomization Needs:  SMBs need a greater customization and more servicing but have limited resources compared to larger enterprises. Thus, cloud services are a smart option for SMBs, but the associated standard  subscription model may not be suitable. Therefore, a consulting partner, experienced in the various ‘Cloud Stacks’ can be of great help to SMB’s in embarking on a Cloud path.

Significant variability:  SMBs vary greatly in terms of their cloud needs and preferences. A standardized one-size-fits-all approach from providers of cloud services to SMBs may not be safe.  With the variability also comes complexity in choosing the right ‘Cloud Stack’. (See Cost Optimizer: After identifying the core functionality required, this group will look for the lowest-priced offering available – across vendors and across bundles. They perceive additional features as extraneous and will at times prioritize acquisition price over total cost of ownership (TCO). Cost optimizers are typically companies with limited or no internal IT function and IT budgets of less than USD 20,000.


How can Business Efficiency CLoud SMB Services Help?

Features:  First, we can help SMB’s navigate through all the choices and features available from various ‘Cloud Services’.  We can take the IT burden off their shoulders. When it comes to choices such as ‘convenience vs. priority’ in customization, a proper balance is desired. We can help SMB’s obtain  “Always-on” services with advanced security and mobile features.

Risk Minimizing:  Migrating to the cloud entails risks – and SMB’s should seek help to mitigate this risk and get a worry-free service. ENgaging our services can help to match best-in-class uptime, reliability, security, and low TCO. The objective is to ensure uninterrupted business.

Cloud Stack Choices: We can assist SMB who have ‘power users’ with state-of-the-art administrative capabilities and the ability to customize solutions to fit their needs.We view the Cloud as  an enabler that adds value to business operations.Sometimes it takes multiple vendors to customize the right solution. Even though many  SMB’s have IT sophisticates in their staff with internal IT expertise and IT budgets of typically USD 100,000 to 500,000 per annul, the choices in cloud stacks can be daunting. To meet the unique challenges of the SMB head-on, BES Cloud SMB services are designed to help customize the perfect solution that meets their needs across all the three ‘Cloud Stacks’. We work as an extension to the in-house IT staff.

Our Business Efficiency Cloud services for SMB offer a ‘post-purchase’ experience for SMB’s. It typically consists of  implementation, training, and support – with their relative importance differing slightly by product type. Training is the most important factor.

Our approach consists of adopting a customer lifecycle management (CLM) mindset. Cloud businesses have more in common with subscription businesses – such as a telco’s mobile service – than they do with  software businesses, making a long-term perspective on future customer needs all the more important. For example, having a single provider to aggregate a set of cloud services gives SMBs the benefit of unified billing, provisioning, identity management, and user experience – which together lower TCO.  Cloud services for SMB’s hold great promise  but the need for high flexibility coupled with limited budgets, non-standard decision making processes, and a wide range of service preferences are among the challenges that can pose as serious hurdles and must tackled first. The key to success is addressing the uniqueness of the SMB needs and not treating it like a larger version of the consumer market or a smaller version of the large enterprise market. BES Cloud consulting services can make it possible to create a holistic cloud journey for SMB customers joining the cloud.  So give us a call and find out how!